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Q & A with Kylie Zelt, Interior Designer


Kylie Zelt Interior Designer

Kylie Zelt has a Bachelors in Interior Design with a minor in Construction Management from Purdue University. She provides in-house Interior Design services while supporting our Project Management team. Her current projects include TrueCore, Pizza Hut, and Murray Equipment.

Q:  What about Interior Design interests you?

A: When I first decided to become an Interior Designer, it

was important to me that I could develop a foundational knowledge of construction and the industry as a whole. My current role allows me to combine those two passions, design and construction, to create functional spaces that are still beautiful. I love finding solutions and coming up with cost effective options that allow clients to have the building that they’ve always wanted. 

Q:  What services do you offer Felderman Design-Build clients?

A: My main role on any project is making sure that the finished space feels really intentional and to ensure a continuity of design throughout. I work with clients to create three dimensional concepts for their space which we then use to communicate with our manufacturers and suppliers. Whether it’s walking through a showroom to discuss samples or creating a floorplan, I am here to help clients create the space of their dreams. 

Q:   What are the benefits of hiring an in-house Interior Designer?

A: I am involved with the project from day one which allows me to be very thoughtful about the finished look as we plan and build the space. I advocate for our client’s vision and I am there making sure that no detail is overlooked. Working with Felderman gives my clients a network of resources that we can utilize on their project. The result is high-value design concepts that are accessible on any budget. 

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