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At Felderman, we like to identify problems before they start. That's why we always do an in-depth analysis to establish the needs of a project before construction begins. Every project receives accurate estimating and value engineering suggestions during early design to maximize potential returns. That's the FDB difference.

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Conceptual Development


Your vision matters to us. We spend more time with our clients than any other firm because we know that listening is the key to success. Our design team works closely with every client to ensure that their vision is the focus of our design process.



Accurate estimating is vital to our ability to maintain costs. We provide a complete, detailed breakdown of how, why, and where funds are to be used. Our team uses an exclusive collection of historical data from comparable projects to ensure a fair and accurate cost analysis.

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Design build is a construction method in which the design and construction of a building are contracted and controlled by one source. In simpler terms, we do the heavy lifting for you. If you like stress-free, efficient, and quality construction then design-build is right for you!

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